I Had a Dream

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I dreamed I met… an Angel of God.

Not sure what to say… I asked,

“Do you have time for a question?”

The Angel smiled.

“I don’t have any time… all I have is Now.”

I smiled and asked…

“What amazes you most about humans?”

The Angel replied.

“You long for Peace… and are at war with yourself.”

“You seek Freedom… and you are already Free.”

“You look for Love… and you are Love itself.”

“You are afraid to open your heart… and your Heart is Always Open.”

“You fear death… and you are Eternal Life.”

The Angel held my hand and we were silent for awhile.
Then the Angel looked deep in my eyes… and whispered these secrets…

“When you stop the war inside… you are the Peace outside.”

“When you fully open to your fear… you can see fear is simply Energy.”

“When you meet death fully… you will see you are the Life.”

“When you are naked to yourself… you are Free to Be Yourself.”

“Look deep within your Heart… and you will see YOU ARE LOVE.”

“Forgive yourself so completely… your very presence Forgives.”

“Live this moment so fully… you are Free as Freedom itself.”

”Love yourself so deeply… when you see another… you see God.”

Overwhelmed with Love… I whispered,

“I am so deeply Grateful.”

“Is there anything else you’d like to say before you go?”

The Angel smiled.

“All I have is Now… And Now is ALWAYS here.”

“Peace is… Alive within You.”

“You are Silence Supreme.”

“This Silence is… Peace on Earth.”

“This is the End… and the Beginning.”

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